It’s a little more complicated than just joining Scouts.

You can download an overview document here.

You can download the membership agreement here.

Applying to join

We suspect the program will be popular. We have the following limitations and requirements:

  • Application/interview required, with candidates subject to approval by the Advisors. As detailed on the Activities page, we have some serious technical training and self-study requirements. Youth should be committed and prepared to put in the time and effort. Parents may be interview as well. We may also contact their prior or current Scout Leaders or Advisors for reference and/or recommendation.
  • Limit of 12 youth fo 2018-2019. Cap may be raised to accommodate children of leaders/potential leaders who have relevant skills, and whose youth meet the other requirements. We may raise the cap in subsequent years once the youth are trained to assist others coming into the program.
  • Priority of application – in descending order
    • Youth currently registered in 8th Richmond Hill Venturer company with at least one full prior year of Scouting
    • Youth currently registered in Scouting at the Venturer level in any York Headwaters Venturer company who were active the full 2017/2018 year in Scouts or Venturers. Youth can continue Scouting activities on non-tech weeks with their existing primary group.

Costs of the program

Including the Scouts Canada registration fee (about $230), we anticipate the total cost of registration, equipment and other fees will be no higher than $200 per year. Camps are not included in this cost.

Uniform costs will be about $100. Required for volunteering at non-Scout events. Mainly blue Scout shirt and black pants. Uniform might be one-time, or might be multiple depending on your youth’s growth.  We’re still working out the details, and the youth will have input. MedVents require safety-toe boots because of some of the areas where they operate. We’re investigating if we will require the same.  The overview document has the latest details.

Financial assistance may be available through Scouts Canada No One Left Behind program for families where the cost is an issue.

Staying in the program

All youth are required to:

  • Put in the time and effort to pass required training
  • Attend both the Scouting and the technical activities
  • Attend a minimum number of scheduled volunteer events each year
  • Comply with any code of conduct, rules and other expectations of the Venturer program of Scouts Canada, the 8th Richmond Hill Venturer Company, the 8th Richmond Hill TechVents and organisations at which we participate and provide volunteer services

Inability or unwillingness to comply with these requirements may result in removal from the program. No refunds payable

Requirements and costs are subject to change without notice.


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