Infrequently Asked Questions

Why are you only accepting youth already involved in the Scouting program?

This is a new program. The leaders/advisors/volunteers are investing a massive amount of time and resources to make it a success.

Getting started will be a lot easier if the youth already have the discipline and skills imparted by the Scouting program. Trust us, it makes a difference.

Subsequent years, we’ll have 2nd and 3rd year youth who can help bring new youth through the program. That will allow us to expand.

Why are you limiting the number of youth?

See answer to preceding question.

Feel free to jump in and start another group. You’re welcome to copy anything we do. In fact, we’re hoping this becomes a model for the rest of Scouts Canada.


Why do you keep mentioning the MedVents (Medical Venturers) program?

It is an incredibly successful program. The combination of useful training, community service, and working alongside professional like EMS during that service results in dedication of the youth to the program, and respect for the youth by the professionals.

We are extremely fortunate to be working with some dedicated MedVent advisors who’ve been instrumental in the expansion of that program. They’re providing a lot of guidance and time to help us shape the TechVent program, and we’re working together on creating opportunities for the youth to volunteer and work together

Why ham radio? Isn’t that pretty Jurassic stuff?

This is not your grandfather’s tube radio.

It’s interfacing with some of the most advanced computers and electronics. It’s satellite communication. It’s wide-area mesh networking. It’s satellite communication. It’s the last resort for data and voice networking in a crisis. It’s the only networking available when camps and events are outside of cell phone range.

Ham radio groups work closely with emergency services for disaster planning.

It’s more than technology. It creates an opportunity similar to the MedVent’s to work alongside emergency services.

Robotics! What about robotics?

If the youth want it, after they’ve met the core ham radio certification requirement.

The knowledge and skills they’ll gain in the ham training – radio, communication, soldering, basic electronics – should give them an edge.

And robotics competitions?

If the youth want it, and they or other volunteers are willing to work the funding issues and dedicate the time required while meeting the other objectives of the program.

It takes a huge amount of time and funds.

We are investigating some options, but we can’t make a commitment at this time.

You can safely assume we’ll never support battlebots. It‘s fallen out of favour for many competitions, and really doesn’t fit well with Scouting’s philosophy and objectives.

I’ve heard of <whatever grant> for technical stuff for youth. Have you applied?

We would greatly appreciate it if you could take care of that for us. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you have when filling out the application and paperwork. Just show us were to sign, and be sure to make yourself the contact for follow-up response.

We’re pretty busy running our jobs, families and getting this program running. Despite that application we filled out, they are stubbornly refusing to increase the hours per day above 24 and the days per week above 7.

Wow! This is great! Can I join in as a Leader/Advisor/Volunteer?

Yes. Sign here. Press hard.

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