HAM Tutorials and Tests

Our quiz site for the Canadian Amateur Radio test is a little different from others. We’re focusing on getting you through the test, so we have some simple slides with a hard focus on exactly what’s required, and simple (and some consider silly) hints to help you remember the answers. Read the full FAQ about our test site here.

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We’re regularly updating our slides, hints and explanations based on feedback. Our change and update log is here.

Reference materials
  • We highly recommend the Canadian Amateur Radio Basic Qualifications Study Guide. It’s way more than a study guide – it’s a complete reference to amateur radio and components. It goes beyond the information required for the test to give you a comprehensive grounding. If you’re going to be operating a radio, you should have a copy.
  • There’s also a 170 page study guide here that we refer to in some of the slides. It has a lot of great info and diagrams. Note: we did not write it. We’d love to find the authors, but the originating web site no longer exists.
  • Phonetics, Q-Codes and Resistors cheat sheet. PDF. Excel.
Getting started
  1. We recommend you create an account for yourself on the Quiz Global web site. You can do it without the account, but it’s nice to keep track. They only use email and do not require any privacy information. You can use a Scout nickname as ID.
  2. Read the Intro to the Material slide deck (number zero. in the table below). It has a lot of info on how the test works
  3. For each module section below:
    • If there’s a slide deck, download and read it. It does not contain all the information required for the module. Some information you will learn by taking the test and reading the hints. The slide deck may refer to other web sites or to pages in the study guide.
    • Take the tests and learn! With the hints and explanations, after going through each test three times, you should start to retain the information and get better at it.
    • >Play Auto: You complete all the questions, then see how you did.
    • >Play Manually: You see the results after each question
  4. Keep repeating Step 3. We recommend that each time you pass a new module, you take all the preceding tests again to keep it fresh. Continual review helps it to sink in.

Quizzes and Slides

No. Topic and Quiz PDF PPTX
0 Intro to the material and test tricks and hints. No quiz – just slides to read. PDF PPTX
1 Ham Rules and Regulations PDF PPTX
2 Ground, Power and Resistors PDF PPTX
3 Rules and basic frequencies  Same slide deck as Quiz 1. You need to review it anyway. PDF PPTX
4 Frequencies, power and bandwidth PDF PPTX
5 Repeaters and radiophone PDF PPTX
6 Licensing and cross-border PDF PPTX
7 Antenna regulations PDF PPTX
7B Safety and radiation limits PDF PPTX
8 Radio components PDF PPTX
9 Antenna, connections and SWR. Also study slides for quiz 8. PDF PPTX
10 Bandwidth, modulation and data PDF PPTX
11 Power and Batteries PDF PPTX
12 Grounding and safety PDF PPTX
13 Amps, transistors and vacuum tubes PDF PPTX
14 Energy and gain PDF PPTX
15 Inductors, capacitors and transformers PDF PPTX
16 Transmission line PDF PPTX
17 Advanced Antenna PDF PPTX
18 Frequencies, propagation and atmosphere PDF PPTX
19 Interference and troubleshooting PDF PPTX
20 On-air protocol PDF PPTX


Ham Training Documents and Courses on the Web

Having trouble with a topic? Instead of reading and re-reading the same material, try searching on youtube and the web for different material. We all learn differently, and sometimes a different presentation, video, or the combination of different materials can make it click for you.

  • Check out Alexander Keller [VE3ZSH] of UOIT’s on-line course here. You can register for free. He links up a lot of videos and other excellent material with each session.

Industry Canada Links

Practice test questions here. Our tests use questions from this same question bank. We just organise them differently and add the hints and explanations. You can also generate an official 100 question test – exactly what you should expect when writing your certification exam.

Search for call signs here. You can see what’s available, but you can’t reserve it. You can only lock it down after you’ve passed your certification test. As new licensees, you must select the 3-letter suffix.

The Industry Canada question bank in ASCII text format is on this page.