With 8th Richmond Hill Venturer Company as our primary Scouting group, the TechVents is a new specialty secondary Venturer Scout group focused on technology and its application in Scouting and community service.  We started our first meetings in October 2016.

How it works

Venturer Scouts are aged 14-17 (Ontario grades 9-11), and the programs are normally run by the youth who elect their own leadership, manage their budgets and generally administer the program. They no longer have Scout Leaders. But they have Advisors, who are qualified as leaders in the Scouts Canada program. The youth get to approve their Advisors.  Like all Scout Canada groups, both male and female participants are accepted, and there is no discrimination on sexual orientation or gender identity. Because this is a new group, there are some other requirements for joining as described on our Membership page.

Specialty groups are a little different. Our model is the highly successful MedVents (Medical Venturers), a popular and successful program where:

  • Half of the meetings are Scouting and half of the meetings are the specialty activities and training
  • Both the specialty and the Scouting parts are mandatory
  • There is a mandatory minimum level of participation in community service/volunteer activities scheduled by the group.
  • Relevant groups like EMS act as official or unofficial sponsors to provide any one of training, volunteering opportunites, and guidance.
Technical and volunteering activities

We have made amateur radio (“ham”) certification a requirement for participation in the program, and we will be providing training, practice and guidance to help first-year participants obtain their certification within the program.

Why amateur radio?

  • It provides the hands on basics of electronics and communications
  • It provides safety training for safely dealing with higher levels of power than simple electronics
  • It makes use of the latest in computer
  • Through co-operation with amateur radio clubs, we get access to a phenomenal group of volunteers, knowledge and equipment
  • It provides a wealth of volunteering and public service opportunities for emergency communication and preparedness.
Our Advisors, unofficial sponsors and volunteers

We have a team of Advisors, volunteers and contacts who  are skilled in software, electronics, robotics, radio and many other forms of technology. Through our contacts in ylab maker space, the York Region Amateur Radio Club and other groups, we have direct or indirect access to a surprising amount of equipment and technology.


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