Blacksmith day. TechVent Style.

Now armed and usually only dangerous to themselves. No Venturers or Rovers were harmed in this event. Really.,

There’s a visit to a blacksmith shop, then there’s a TechVent blacksmithing day: 4 Venturers, 3 Rovers, 5 forges and 6 anvils.

We were hosted at Dave Brandow’s FireSword Forge in Guelph, assisted by blacksmith Miro Forest, with three additional forges from Miro and Scouter Stephen.

Blacksmith Dave showing how to heat treat a knife
Grinding and sharpening the blade.
Making a point. By hammering away at it.
Heating the metal in the forge. Blacksmith Dave is paying attention – to the other forge.
Waiting for grinding and sharpening.
Blacksmith Miro helping with twisting the knife handle.
Testing the finished product
Each youth made a coat hook, a knife and a chisel.

Big thank yous to blacksmiths Dave and Miro for their time, guidance and patience; and to Miro for hauling in two extra forges.

A special thank you to North Steel of Minden Ontario for their generous donation of the steel for the day.

Genuine Rovers. Not actors. But please give us our own TV show. We even have matching clothes and gloves!
See? We can even bring our dad on the show as a cranky old guest for arguments. Going at it hammer and tongs. Or tong and tong.

Oops – post corrected Oct 7 2019. We mis-identified a Rover as a Venturer. Maybe we need to label them.

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