TechVent Year One Wrap-Up

Our first year is done – and we posted here a lot less than expected.

We’ve experimented and learned, getting our hands on Arduinos, breadboards, oscilloscopes, multimeters, wire strippers, crimpers, frequency generators, and, of course, radios. Vents climbed trees to hook up a high frequency antenna, and reached other ham operators in the southern US. We learned about what works and what doesn’t for teaching amateur radio, and keeping a balance between boring theory and interesting hands-on stuff.

With the summer break upon us, we’ll have some time to catch up and document some of the things we did. Maybe other groups can benefit from our mistakes experience.

We’re working on a radio certification weekend for end of the summer, before school starts, so we can hit the ground running for the 2017-2018 season. We’ll be using the tutorials and quizzes we developed.

Thank you to all the guinea pigsVenturers and Advisors who participated and helped out in so many ways.


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